Usha Cable Industries launches its brands Usha and Mala Cable in Madhya Pradesh’s Markets.

New Delhi – Usha Cable Industries introduced its brand Usha and Mala range of cables in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.
On this occasion, Company Director Aman Gupta said that “the officials of ISI, an organization of the Government of India, had organized a meeting in 2022 by calling all the major cable manufacturing companies of the country at Le Meridien, Delhi, in which good quality was sought from all the cable manufacturing companies. In which the officials said that there is a huge shortage of high quality cable in the Indian market in the power sector of India, which is very important to supply, keeping these things in mind, we have launched the Usha Cable brand name in the Indian market. I started sending my product, which we got to see very good results”
The Company Director said: “The products of our company Usha Cable Industries are available in all major markets of Madhya Pradesh under the brand names of Usha Cable and Mala Cable”
He said that there was a very good response in Madhya Pradesh last year, due to which the company has introduced FRLS in its brands Usha Cable and Mala Cable, Smoke Fog Cable, Rubberized Cable, House Wiring Cable, Communication Cable, Fire Survivable Cable, Low Smoke Fog.

“HRFR and Fire Surable, Summer Sable Cable, Poly Aluminum Wire for Agriculture Use, Tent Decoration Wire, House Wiring and Industrial Wiring has been launched by improving the quality of Madhya Pradesh and more” Aman Gupta said.
He said that “the products of Usha Cable are still available in many states of India and the demand is also being seen very well. And we are hopeful that we will get good response in Madhya Pradesh also. “
Company’s founder Mr. Sunil Gupta, All India distributor Abhishek Gupta was present on this occasion.
Founder of Usha Cable Industries Mr. Sunil Gupta, Company Director Mr. Aman Gupta All India Distributor Mr. Abhishek Gupta displaying the products of Usha and Mala Cable during the event.

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