The New Education Policy and strong economy are emerging as strong magnets, drawing attention
of top international universities.
New Delhi, 11th Dec, 2023 – In a landmark move, India’s premier B-School New Delhi Institute of
Management (NDIM) and Tier-I Research University at Buffalo of United States signed a
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on December 11, 2023, in the presence of distinguished
recruiters, academic and policy makers, solidifying their commitment to advancing academic and
educational cooperation on a global scale.

The MOU outlines various initiatives aimed at enhancing educational opportunities, fostering mutual
growth, and facilitating meaningful exchanges between the two institutions. The key areas of
collaboration include:

➢ Academic Exchanges and Cooperation:
Both institutions will actively encourage diverse forms of academic exchanges and
cooperation, fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning and knowledge
➢ Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs:
The MOU supports student exchange programs and study abroad opportunities, allowing
students from both NDIM and the University at Buffalo to broaden their academic horizons
and cultural experiences.
➢ Exploration of Educational Opportunities:
NDIM and the University at Buffalo will explore and identify additional educational
opportunities for students, ensuring a comprehensive and globally relevant curriculum.
➢ Joint Research Activities:
Collaboration will extend to joint research activities in areas of mutual interest and emerging
fields, promoting innovation and contributing to advancements in academia.
➢ Faculty, Research Scholar, and Student Exchanges:
The institutions will invite faculty members, research scholars, and students from each
other’s campuses for academic visits, exchanges, and enhanced learning in existing and
emerging areas.
➢ Seminars, Courses, Workshops, and Meets:
NDIM and the University at Buffalo will jointly organize and host seminars, courses,
workshops, academic meets, and curriculum revision exercises, fostering a vibrant
intellectual exchange.
➢ Global Relations and International Cooperation:
Both institutions commit to supporting each other in developing global relations and
international cooperation with industry, businesses, and other academic institutes in their
respective countries.
➢ Promoting Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Research Collaborations:
The partnership aims to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and research collaborations
between NDIM and the University at Buffalo, creating a conducive environment for cuttingedge research and development.
➢ Sharing Best Global Practices:
NDIM and the University at Buffalo will actively share and implement best global practices to
facilitate mutual growth and ensure a high standard of education.
The University at Buffalo, a top 40 public university and New York State’s flagship, is consistently
recognized as one of the world’s most exceptional, most affordable universities, making it a top
choice for students and faculty around the globe and New Delhi Institute of Management is known
for strongest industry linkages, faculty drawn from industry and international organizations, and its
technology enabled 8 new-age PGDM specializations, aim to cultivate mutual synergy and
understanding in various spheres of education, including curriculum development, research
initiatives, and faculty and student exchanges.
Speaking about the collaboration, Dr Vishwa Mohan Bansal, Chairman, NDIM, expressed
enthusiasm for the opportunities the partnership presents: “This collaboration with the University at
Buffalo marks a significant milestone for NDIM. It aligns with our commitment to providing a global
and enriching educational experience for our students. We believe that this partnership will not only
enhance academic collaboration but also contribute to the development of a global community of
Prof. Satish K. Tripathi, President, the University at Buffalo echoed these sentiments, stating, “We
are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with NDIM. Our shared vision for global
academic collaboration and the promotion of education will undoubtedly lead to meaningful
initiatives and projects that will benefit students, faculty, and the academic community at large.”
The signing of this MOU signifies the dedication of both NDIM and the University at Buffalo to
fostering a globalized approach to education, creating opportunities for cross-cultural understanding
and collaboration.

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