Regional Seminar on “R&D Intervention on Coir and schemes and services of Coir Board”: Coir Board’s Showroom and Sales Depot, Cannaught Place, New Delhi

Coir Board’s Showroom and Sales Depot, Cannaught Place, New Delhi, under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India, successfully organized a seminar on Research and Development (R&D) intervention on coir and schemes and services of Coir Board. The event took place on March 11th, 2024, at  New Delhi YMCA Tourist Hostel Auditorium, Opp Jantar Mantar, Cannaught Place, New Delhi.

The Regional seminar was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Secretary, Coir Board Shri. Jitendra Kumar Shukla. Subsequently, the welcome address was delivered by Shri. Sunil Kumar B., Regional Officer i/c , Coir Board, BBSR. This was followed by the keynote address by Smt. Sumi Sebastin, Senior Scientific Officer i/c , CCRI Kalavoor, and Felicitation by Shri Diwakar Sharma, Manager cum PRO, Coir Board, and vote of thanks by Shri Sushi Bhatt, Manager, Coir Board. The event witnessed an impressive turnout with approximately 100 participants including coir entrepreneurs in attendance.

The utilization of coir products, characterized by their eco-friendly and biodegradable attributes, plays a pivotal role in maintaining ecological balance and preserving nature. Coir, being the only natural fiber not cultivated solely for extraction, offers an array of applications across various sectors. Its resistance to saltwater makes it ideal for marine applications such as nets and ropes, while its durability lends itself to floor mats, brushes, and twines. Coir’s lignin content, surpassing that of teak, underscores its durability and potential as a future fiber for diverse technical textile applications. Noteworthy R&D developments include the use of coir geotextiles in road reinforcement, railway embankment stabilization, erosion control, and mine site reclamation, endorsed by organizations like the Indian Road Congress and the Research Designs and Standards Organization of Railways. Coir pith, with its exceptional water retention capacity, finds extensive application in agriculture and horticulture, serving as an effective soil conditioner and moisture retainer. Additionally, advancements in coir-based composites, machinery, and products such as coir mulch mats and garden articles contribute to its versatility and market potential. Coir’s journey towards sustainability continues through ongoing research aimed at developing environmentally friendly technologies and products to combat global warming and promote ecological balance.

Highlighting the significance of the coir market potential in New Delhi and nearby areas considering the importance of coir and coir products as an ecofriendly substitute synthetic plastic material which is creating the major environmental pollution. Coir pith an ideal soil substitute and requires less amount of water in agri and horticultural applications which can promote vegetation in the urban areas. Coir geotextiles another important material can be utilized as soil conservation and soil reinforcement material. The vertical garden and Coco lawn using coir can be a very good natural material for the beautification and as an urban landscaping material as an efficient material of reducing the air pollution and roof surface cooling. 

Coir Board’s SR&SD New Delhi has been actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at the development of the coir industry in the north zone parts of the Country. These initiatives include awareness regarding the action plan programmes like workshops, Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP), seminars, exposure visits, and schemes such as PMEGP, SFRUTI, Coir Vikas Yojana, ASPIRE, Export Market Promotion Scheme, Development of Production Infrastructure Scheme for coir units, Science and Technology Scheme, welfare measures such as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) for the benefit of coir workers, and trade and industry-related functional support services, among others.

The seminar served as a platform to discuss and strategize further advancements in the forthcoming coir industry and its market development and growth in the New Delhi and North zone areas of the country.

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