Officials are playing with the security of the airport due to personal interest- Savendra Singh, Supreme Court Counsel

-Supreme Court Counsel Sarvendra Singh made these allegations against some officials of the Airport Authority

New Delhi-

The Central Government is successfully moving ahead with the motto of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas but when some departments of the same government ignore the rules to fulfill their personal interests, then discrepancies come to the fore. The way Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is working, it has not only increased the respect of the people of the country but also of Indians living abroad. The role of every Indian is important in realizing his dream of a developed India.

In a press conference organized at Himachal Bhawan in New Delhi, Supreme Court Counsel Sarvendra Singh said that we are proud that we and you are at a time when the country is being led efficiently by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. We and you are walking on the path shown by him. The way Prime Minister has adopted a policy of zero tolerance against terrorism and corruption, it is the result of that that we have come today to talk about an issue related to corruption. Supreme Court Counsel Savendra Singh said that apart from the vision of a developed India of Prime Minister Shri Modi Ji, some officials are arbitrarily engaged in such activities that they are trying to show those foreign companies out of India. Some companies also want to invest in India, but due to their selfishness, some officials are not allowing this to happen.

He said that it has come to my knowledge that the Airport Authority of India has recently decided to go ahead with a company in the tender process of an XBIS machine, whose machine has a history of catching fire. As an example, I want to tell that in July 2023, an XBIS machine caught fire at Indore Airport. Some officials have recently decided to give the contract in the tender to the same company whose machine caught fire. It is possible that it has happened. In response to a question, Shri Savendra Singh said that the supervisor of the Airport Authority of India itself had complained about the machine of this company not working properly through email, but no investigation was done by the concerned officials. On March 6, March 11 and March 21, 2024, the supervisor of the Airport Authority of India’s Indore Airport drew attention to this. There were even reports of lapses in security checks. But, no attention is being paid to this.

He also says that Honorable Modiji has opened the way for external investment and has invited such companies for technology and investment, yet due to red tape, those foreign companies are being unfairly excluded from the tender process, which are willing to set up their manufacturing units in India with better technology. The arrival of such companies increases competition and reduces the supply prices. Supreme Court counsel Savendra Singh told that the Airport Authority has to supply more than 700 machines to 102 airports and some companies have been excluded from the tender on the pretext of not having GST number. According to the information received, Vehanta Technology has been allowed to move ahead, even though their machines had failed twice during technical evaluation.

Explosives, drugs, narcotics and security related things are identified through these machines at all airports. In such a situation, even a small mistake can cost the country dearly. In a press conference, Savendra Singh demanded that the Civil Aviation Ministry should take cognizance of this matter. This mess happening within the Airport Authority should be removed.

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