Nehesh Poll’s #tryingtosavetheworld

New Delhi

– A Fusion of Fiction and Reality in a Quest to Transform Bharat

 Automobile engineer, filmmaker and author Nehesh Poll launched his book titled “#tryingtosavetheworld” at the World Book Fair in New Delhi on Friday. The book launch was accompanied by the letter to the Prime Minister where he sought support and proposed to build a sustainable road, along with a micro-biodiversity reserve, the progress of which would be telecast live on TV. 

The book reflects the author’s real-life journey of trying to transform Bharat and the world. Speaking at the launch event, Nehesh Poll said #tryingtosavetheworld transcends the boundaries between a book and a mission by inviting readers to join the transformative movement that blurs the lines between fiction and reality. 

In the book, the author has included his heartfelt letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he has proposed his Prototype Road Model and the Garden of God Micro-biodiversity Reserve.

As part of his innovative vision, the Prototype Road Model was broadcast live on national television. According to Nehesh Poll, televising the project’s progress will set a new record in accountable infrastructure development. “The 100 km test road, backed by live TV broadcast of every step taken, aims to revolutionize road infrastructure, focusing on sustainability and community benefit,” he said.

The launch event marked day 1352 of Nehesh Poll’s quest for global transformation and has set the stage for a new chapter in sustainable and responsible development.

“My life took an extraordinary turn when my writing became a transformative journey. The mission of bringing about sustainable development through projects like the ‘Road That Gives Back’ and the ‘Garden of God’ led to influential encounters and pivotal experiences,” he said. In addition to creating the Garden of God – symbolizing a commitment to ecological harmony, Poll sought support for a monumental world-record event that included global chanting of “AUM” to unite people in spiritual and cultural solidarity.

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