Empowering women for stronger society: Smt Sangeeta Shukla

Roshni, a leading NGO organizes programme in Delhi

New Delhi, December 28, 2023 — Roshni, a leading non-profit organization committed to women’s empowerment, hosted a special recognition ceremony at the Constitutional Club, Delhi.

The event was graced by the presence of Great Indian Women Awardee, renowned Gujarati language expert, writer, and numerologist, Mrs. Sangeeta Shukla, who shared her powerful insights on women empowerment.

She applauded Roshni for its tireless efforts in guiding thousands of women towards a brighter future, emphasizing that true empowerment lies in providing equal rights and opportunities to women.

In response to the escalating involvement of women in India’s growth and development, Mrs. Shukla stated, “In present times, there is no field where women are not contributing. From education, sports, health, to politics, women are excelling everywhere. They are working diligently to fulfil their ambitions. With society’s growing awareness about women’s rights, the number of organizations, NGOs, and self-help groups focusing on this domain has also seen a rise.”

Mrs. Shukla highlighted the role of a strong woman in forming a resilient society, asserting that every individual’s support is vital to foster women empowerment. She urged the need to spread awareness about the numerous government schemes aimed at women empowerment, ensuring that women can benefit from them.

She concluded her speech by stating that a powerful woman not only strengthens her family and community but propels the entire nation forward.

The event saw the participation of several distinguished women, many of whom are associated with Roshni.

Roshni has been relentlessly working for the past decade to uplift impoverished, underprivileged women, children, and elderly women across the nation. The event was held in fond remembrance of the late Santosh Kochhar, a dedicated volunteer renowned for her significant contributions to the education, entrepreneurship, and health sectors for impoverished women.

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